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Affiliate Program - Only The Finest Vibrations! Affiliate Marketing Program

Become an Affiliate

We’re accepting applications for partners around the globe to work with in promoting and in return, we’re offering great compensation, advanced analytics & more…

LV Dashboard

A dashboard to track your performance, view earnings, retrieve your referral URL, find creatives, and more!

Real Time Stats

Track referred visits, referrals, earnings and order details all in real time!

White-Listed Domains

No more lengthy referral URL’s and lost opportunities. White-list your website or domain name and rest assured your referrals are being tracked!

Affiliate Coupon Codes

Provide your referrals with coupons and promotional codes. Double your referral conversion ratings!

Calling on...everyone!

If you have a website or a blog, we want to work with you. Simply sign-up, choose from one of our many banners or ads, insert your simple referring url or custom coupon code and BOOM!, you earn a nice commission!

Get paid quick with Paypal

Fast, free & secure, Paypal will deliver the funds directly to your bank account. All we need is your email address and you’ll receive your commissions money at the end of each month.

Are You Interested?

Why wouldn’t you be, so let’s team up! Simply take a couple seconds and complete the form, once vilified we’ll get you approved and registered as an LV Affiliate!

Affiliate Program Application

By selecting this box, you acknowledge and agree to our Affiliate Terms & Conditions.
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