What are Air Pressure Sex Toys?

Air pressure sex toys employ the principle of air pressure to achieve sexual pleasure. What does this mean exactly? The term “air pressure” sex toys refers to toys which use air instead of vibration to deliver orgasm. It works by sending out a soft, pulsating air flow over the erogenous zone such as the clitoris. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body because it’s made up of approximately 8,000 nerve endings. This can provide intense stimulation and allow for VERY intense orgasms – quickly!


Air pressure sex toys work because they provide just the right amount of stimulation exactly where you want it. They’re designed to surround your erogenous zone and provide a different sensation than standard vibrators that can be overwhelming and numbing.

Are Air Pressure Sex Toys Just for Women?

Not anymore! The first air pressure sex toy was designed for clitoral stimulation, however that has since changed. These sex toys are now available for men, women, and even couples.

The first air pressure stroker was the ArcWave Ion by Wow Tech. The same manufacturer who invented the first clitoral air pressure toy for women; so clearly, they know what they’re doing. It features 8 intensity of pulsating airwaves and is a must try if you have a penis.

In 2022 Womanizer the leading brand when it comes to luxury air pressure toys came out with the Womanizer OG. This is a high-end internal g-spot toy that uses air pressure to stimulate your g-spot INTERNALLY!

Why are they so popular?

There are many advantages to air pressure sex toys, including their ability to provide intense pleasure on demand. Air pressure sex toys offer the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging with the changes in air pressure. They stimulate without touching; therefore, they don’t over-stimulate. They are very simple to use, and many of them are waterproof, which means they can be used in the bath or shower for added fun.

Why are air pressure sex toys so popular?

How Much to They Cost?

Like all sex toys air pressure sex toys come in a variety of price points depending on the quality of the item. The most luxurious air pressure brand would be Womanizer, these come in at a higher price tag. Both Romp and Satisfyer are quality sex toy brands that manufacture body-safe air pressure sex toys at a budget friendly cost.

So you want to give one of these sex toys a try, but aren’t ready for a lengthy commitment. Try the Satisfyer One Night Stand, it’s an inexpensive one-time use toy that allows you to experiment with this unique technology.

5 popular Air Pressure Sex Toys

Some of the most popular air pressure sex toys include:

1 – Womanizer Premium:

The most luxurious air pressure toy in my opinion. Like previously noted Womanizer by Wow Tech is the creator of pressure air toys, so they know what they’re doing therefore it won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a fast, intense orgasm give the Womanizer Premium a try!


2 – We-Vibe Melt:

A luxury couples air pressure sex toy that can be used during sex. The idea is you hold the Melt between you and your partner and let the air stimulate both of you. This is a versatile option, because it’s slim enough to use during sex, but also works perfectly on your own.


3 – Lelo Enigma Cruise:

This is another luxury option, it’s a rabbit style sex toy that offers both g-spot and clitoral pleasure simultaneously. The internal arm of the Enigma Cruise reaches the g-spot providing powerful vibrations while the external portion stimulates the clitoris with air pressure.


4 – Romp:

Romp offers a few air pressure sex toys at a budget friendly price. They don’t have the same features or high-end materials as say Womanizer or Lelo, but they are a solid choice at a fraction of the cost. New at the end of 2022 was the Romp Rose a clitoral air pressure toy that I’m dying to try. Check back for my review once I do!


5 – Satisfyer:

Satisfyer is another budget friendly brand. They offer a wide variety of air pressure sex toys, including the popular penguin all below $100 Canadian. Satisfyer has recently come out with 2-3 higher-end options that come in slightly above $100 for those looking for something a bit more glamours.



Where Can I Buy an Air Pressure Sex Toy?

Like all sex toys you want to get your air pressure sex toy from a retailer you trust. Buying sex toys from online retailers that sell items from a third party (such as Amazon or eBay) can be risky, because they can’t guaranty the authenticity of the product. Make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized reseller such as Luxury Vibrators.

In Conclusion - What are Air Pressure Sex Toys?

Air pressure sex toys are a relatively new kind of sex toy that have been getting more and more attention in recent years. They are a great alternative to traditional vibrators.

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