Beginners Guide – Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex is gaining popularity; even if you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve probably thought about it. For many, the idea of a giant (or even not so giant) penis in your rear-end can be scary! So why not start slow and work your way up to the grand finally!

Anal sex toys come in all shapes and sizes so knowing where to start is integral for a positive first encounter. With the Luxury Vibrators Beginners Guide – Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys you’ll be armed and ready to take the plunge! With a few proven tips, and the right tools, maybe now is the time to give this butt stuff a try?


When it comes to anal play, it goes without saying; make sure you’re aroused and ready to go before jumping into anything! Spend some time with your partner &/or sex toys stimulating your clitoris or perineum. Being turned on prior to beginning will aid in a positive experience. Try a lubed finger first as this will help you gauge how your sphincter will react. Make sure you’re relaxed; you need to be in the right frame of mind and take it slow.

Slow and Steady

Relaxed muscles will go a long way towards easy insertion. Insert a finger or small anal plug before an erect penis as it will assist in relaxing you both mentally & physically. The hardest part is getting past the tip but once you’ve passed that point, it should easily slide right in…and in many cases feels amazing right away!

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Size Matters

With so many beautiful anal plugs on the market, it can be tempting to choose a toy based on looks/size alone. While a common mistake, a choosing a large plug is not recommended as size is extremely important your first time. When shopping, look for indications that it’s a beginners butt plug. If you can’t tell immediately, find a boutique with knowledgeable staff and ask!

Once you’ve mastered that plug, (and it wont be long) gradually increase the size. Soon you’ll be ready for that stunning 6 inch plug, or your partners penis!

Try Different Positions

Your favorite position for vaginal sex may not work as well for anal exploration. The best thing to do is experiment to see what is comfortable for you. A few recommended positions include doggie style (butt in the air), lying on your side, or lay on your back with your legs up. Different positions will work with anal toys and anal intercourse, but finding the perfect position for you is part of the fun!


Communication is integral but especially during anal intercourse! Talk to you partner before, after and during your adventures; share your anxiety, excitement and pleasure. To avoid an uncomfortable situation and not just pleasing your partner, make sure you’re completely into anal sex. If at any point you’re not comfortable, stop and tell your partner.

Beginners Guide - Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys, Luxury Vibrators

Lube, Lube, Lubricant!

Often during sex and sex toy play, we are drawn to lubricant to ease the glide. With anal exploration, it’s absolutely integral! Be sure to buy the thickest lubricant you can find as this will last longer and make for a smoother, euphoric experience. Many lubricants are specific to anal play and those are a great choice.

A silicone lube is highly recommended for anal sex as it’s slippery and long lasting. When using silicone with your sex toys, be sure to follow the materiel guidelines, as some toys will be ruined by silicone lubricant. With silicone toys, a thick water-based lube is recommend. For the full list of lubrication recommendations click here.

If you only take-away one tip from our Beginners Guide – Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys, USE LUBRICANT!

Stimulate Other Areas at the Same Time

Anal exploration feels amazing but if you’re wanting an out of this world orgasm, try taking some of that lube & stimulating your clitoris at the same time. You could try adding a vibrator into the mix or intercourse with a butt plug but either way, you’ll be sure to have an orgasm you’ll never forget!

Beginners Guide - Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys, Luxury Vibrators

Anal Toy Rules

Although many things will fit in your rear-end, don’t just put anything in there! Be sure to buy anal toys that have a large base as this will ensure you won’t loose them! No one wants to end a romantic encounter at the hospital.

Vibrators can be very tempting when in the heat of the moment, the vibration feels amazing and maybe a little insertion won’t hurt…right? Wrong! Be sure to only use anal toys in your butt, don’t make any exceptions! That said, many (new) toys work both vaginally and anally be sure to read the label!

Anal Toy Rules

Just like with other common sex toys, make sure they’re composed of body safe materials. They need to be Phthalates free and it’s important to avoid certain unsafe materials completely. The Beginners Guide – Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys doesn’t cover much on this, so to learn more about body-safe sex toys click here.

When You’re Done

Although anal sex isn’t as messy as one might think, you’ll want to go to the bathroom after. Things tend to loosen up a bit during anal play so it’s healthy (and recommended) to visit the toilet when done. Some people like to shower after anal or vaginal sex; while not necessary, it can be a great way to keep things healthy down there!

Love it or Hate it?

You’ll know pretty quick if you love or hate anal sex. If it’s not for you, no problem; sex can be enjoyed in so many other ways. If you love it, chances are you always will. Try different anal toys, vibrating butt plugs, beads etc. The possibilities are endless!

Still curious about our Beginners Guide – Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys, ask us anything! Contact Luxury Vibrators

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