Christmas Gifts for Men

Not sure what to get that special man in your life this holiday season? Take a look into the mind of an expert; read Ella’s gift guide and find out what’s trending for Christmas gifts for men in 2017

“Deck your balls with straps of leather
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Give em a tickle with an ostrich feather
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Don you now your basic love ring
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la
Or if you’d rather, grab a stretchy cock sling
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la”

Tee-hee, ruining Christmas carols has to be one the highlights of the festive season. My partner does it all the time, though he’s a lot better at it than I am. Something else he’s better at? Buying Christmas gifts. I find it so hard to buy Christmas gifts for men, and I have no idea why. Knowing them as family, friends, individual people with specific tastes…I should know what they like, but I don’t. Luckily, for those men we share our beds with, there’s always the gift of sex toys!

Following is a quick guide that’s packed with suggestions for making sure your lover’s stocking is well and truly stuffed this year. The best part about it? You can find it all right here at Luxury Vibrators!

Stroke It

If your partner is into strokers, it’s very likely that there’ll be something by Tenga or Fleshlight tucked away in your toy box. And for good reason. Warm those babies up, drench them in lube, and he’s in for fifteen minutes of real-feel fun.

However, whether he’s a stroker, a thruster, or a grinder, doing all the hard work himself can get a bit repetitive after a while. If you want to give him a gift that will really pull his cracker, check out the toys from Hot Octopuss.

For those who play alone there’s the Pulse III Solo, and for those who have someone to tag team their toys with, there’s the Pulse III Duo with its built-in vibrator. These winged wonders might make him raise an eyebrow in scepticism at first, but once he feels the patented Pulse Plate pounding his penis into submission he’ll soon stop doubting. But that’s not all Hot Octopuss have to offer. If there’s a vulva involved in your play, have an ace up your sleeve with the Queen Bee. All the pulsing power of the strokers whipped into wand form, the Queen Bee is a gift that’ll make everyone’s Christmas go with a bang.

Shake It

With concentrated vibes that pack the power of a thousand Roman Legions, the Doxy No 3 is sure to be a hit this Christmas. Smaller than the Original and Die Cast models, the man powered No 3 is the perfect tool for delivering intense vibrations wherever he needs them most. Shake his shaft, frolic his frenulum, tickle his testicles…you can even stimulate his prostate from the outside and propel him head first into a contactless orgasm if you find the right spot on his perineum. And, as the No 3 is as good for the vulva as it is the penis, it’s a gift any couple combo can share. That’s what Christmas is all about, right?

Cinch It

Give him (and yourself) the gift of harder, longer lasting erections this year with the We-Vibe Verge: a vibrating cock ring with a difference. Designed to wrap around the base of the penis and testicles, the Verge tapers to a tip at one end. Its curved shape pulls it toward the body, pressing that rounded tip into the perineum and delivering pinpoint, powerful vibes. This design offers him three points of stimulation: the base of the penis, the scrotum, and the perineum. Rechargeable, waterproof and partner friendly, it’s a perfect treat for your favourite penis.

Thrust It

If he’s a stalwart Fleshlight user who likes to perform either for himself, for you, or anyone else for that matter, check out the fantastic Fleshlight Mounts from Liberator. Each piece has an opening in which a Fleshlight is inserted.

A few options are available, but a mount like the Top Dog is especially ideal for those men who favour positions in which they remain upright. Pop the Top Dog on the floor and get him on his knees behind it to perfectly emulate doggy style. Stand it on the edge of the bed and he can stand beside it and thrust straight in, or if he prefers something a little more energetic, he can get his butt up there too and stand over it. Awesome for him, and awesome for you, too, if you happen to be mooching around behind him while he plays…

Peg It

Does your dude dig anal? Is his idea of heaven getting on all fours to receive a good pegging? Give him some upgraded gear for his rear with a dildo or two from Tantus. Gorgeously squishy Super Softs have plenty of give, so are a comfy option if he’s ready for something bigger. And they feel so authentic! Check out the Adam for something smooth and semi-realistic, or the Echo if he’s into a bit of texture.

If derriere domination is his dream but you don’t fancy donning a harness, a strapless strap-on from Tantus could well be his new best friend. Whether you choose a realistic Realdoe or a super glossy Feeldoe, everyone involved is in for a wild ride with these pegging playthings from Tantus.

A short bulb slips inside of the vagina where it’s held there by a combination of kegel strength and the grace of God. The longer shaft is then inserted into his butt, and a bullet seals the deal with some lovely vibrations.

Share It

For my partner, the best sex toys aren’t always penis specific. He has a deep love for toys and kits that do it for us both. Enter the Sensations Unite gift set from We-Vibe. This handy little duo consists of a We-Vibe Unite couple’s vibrator to stimulate not just the clitoris and g-spot but also the penis of a penetrating partner, too.

Pairing the Unite with the included cock ring, the We-Vibe Pivot, can be a bit clunky, but that’s easily solved by having him wear it upside down. His erection still gets the support of a tight fitting, chunky ring, and having the vibrating nub behind his penis gives him some super stimulation around his testicles. With vibes coming at him from above and below, he can’t not have a merry old time!

Make the Most of It

If you’re buying a sex toy for someone else, I think it’s always an extra nice gesture to include two things; a bottle of lube so they can use their shiny new thing right away, and a toy cleaner to keep it hygienic.

If their toy isn’t insertable, We-Vibe Lube & Clean is a great choice. The lube is nice and slick, so is ace for strokers or hand jobs, and the cleaner is super quick and efficient.

For toys that are destined to venture inside the body, you can’t go wrong with Sliquid. Thick and gloopy Sassyis the perfect companion for anal toys, or for a good all-rounder pick up a bottle or Nature Gel. In keeping with the awesomeness of Sliquid, their chemical free Shine Organic Cleaner will keep their gifts in tip-top condition, and will look rather classy on a shelf, too.

Finally enjoy sharing these Christmas gifts for men!

Author – Ella Scandal

Thank you to Ella Scandal from “Scandarella” for the detailed look into Christmas Gifts for Men! To learn more about Scandarella, read her reviews or erotica, click here or visit her website at

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