Christmas Gifts for Women

Get on top of your festive shopping and go straight to the top of your lover’s Christmas card list with this quick and easy guide to the best Christmas gifts for women.

One of the best – and worst – parts of the festive season is shopping for Christmas gifts. Working out a budget, and what to get and for who. It’s only just turned November, so you lull yourself into thinking you have loads of time. But, as we all know, before you can say jingle bells it’ll be late afternoon on December 24th. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a closing store, running your shaking hands over bare shelves and wondering what in Santa’s name you’re going to get for the lady in your life. How can shopping for Christmas gifts for women be so hard?

Well, if that lady happens to be fond of sex toys you can stop fretting as of right now, because here at Luxury Vibrators you can find everything you need to lavish your love with luxury on Christmas morning.

Check out these perfect pairings of toys and lubricants for some great gift ideas:


Doxy Wand & Sliquid Organics Nature Gel

If your partner is into intense clitoral stimulation, she’ll be delighted to find a mains-powered Doxy wandbeneath the tree. For lovers of the big and bold there’s the mighty Doxy Die Cast, or there’s the Doxy 3 for those who prefer their toys to be petite and discreet. Either way, she’ll be blown away by the power and sheer ease of use of these magnificent metallic beasts. Team your choice with a long lasting, comfortable water-based lube like Sliquid Organics Nature Gel to maximize sensation.

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Laid D2 Granite Dildo & Sliquid Silver

Sliquid Silver silicone lubricant

Fashioned from five-hundred-million-year-old stone that homes in on the g-spot like it has a map, the Laid D2 in Granite is a functional work of art. The subtle sparkle will capture any magpie’s attention, and the hard granite is oh so satisfying. Use it cold for a thrilling zing, or warm it in hot water for a more sensuous feel. Paired with Sliquid Silver silicone lube, it’s great for those who like to play underwater.


We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection & Sliquid Silk

If your partner’s tastes are as changeable as the weather, or if you’re not one hundred percent sure what she likes most, it’d be a good idea to get her a gift that will keep on giving. The We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection boasts not just the legendary We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator, but also two silicone sleeves that transform it to either a g-spot vibrator or a vibrating butt plug. Small but mighty, the Tango packs a clitoral punch like no other bullet out there. Teamed with a super smooth, long lasting lube like Sliquid Silk, it’ll fulfill her sex toy desires no matter what she fancies.


We-Vibe Sensations in Sync & Sliquid Sea

While it’s a fact that ‘couple’s toys’ aren’t really a thing (all toys are couple’s toys, if you use a little imagination), some are made specifically for partner play. Some are made to tantalize the penis while tickling all those hotspots in and around the vagina. The We-Vibe Sensations in Sync gift set contains one such toy; the Sync, made to be worn by her during penetration. Compact and powerful, the Sync is easy to insert, comfortable to wear and adds a new dimension to partner play.

Also included in the gift set is the We-Vibe Tango, the magical bullet that is so often at the top of toy lovers’ wish lists. Use with a slippery lube like Sliquid Sea, or even an orgasm enhancing gel like Sliquid O-Gel to make things extra sensational for her.


Liberator Fascinator Throe & Sliquid Swirl

Is your partner someone who narrows her eyes at the very suggestion of stripping off for afternoon sex in the bleak mid-winter? I don’t blame her, really. Getting jiggy with it in the nipple snapping cold is almost as bad as doing it in the melting heat of summer.

But one thing that might open her up to chilly day nudeness is the Liberator Fascinator Throe. Luxuriously soft and warm, the Throe is not only super sexy to use, but it’s also water-resistant. Snuggling beneath it at the start warms things up fast, then once the heat is on, shifting on top of it keeps your play away from your mattress no matter how messy it gets.

If she’s into it, pair her Throe with a bottle or two of flavoured Sliquid Swirl and indulge her with a spot of sloppy oral sex. Swirl comes in a host of great flavours and contains no ingredients that should cause anyone any mischief. They’re tasty, long lasting, and the perfect consistency for oral. You never know, if she’s as happy with a new Throe as I know I would be, she might return the favour. After all, it is Christmas.

Author – Ella Scandal

Thank you to Ella Scandal from “Scandarella” for the detailed look into the best gifts for women! To learn more about Scandarella, read her reviews or erotica, click here or visit her website at

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