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Have you ever found yourself getting hot under the collar while reading a romance novel? If so, erotic fiction could be your new best friend! But what happens when reading the rude stuff gets you more frustrated than titillated? Let erotica writer Scandarella give you the heads up on what to do when reading a sexy story turns from me time into play time. Check out her suggestions and discover what’s best when it comes to Erotica & Sex Toys!

Scandarella's Introduction to Erotica & Sex Toys

Here’s a question for you; do you read erotica? You know, smut. Paper porn. Suggestive, dirty, or even filthy words in books, e-books or on blogs? Some folks I’ve put this question to have held their handbags to their chests as if trying to ward off an attack. They basically behave like I just asked them their porn preferences. Which, I guess I did, depending on how you look at it.

The thing is, sexy stories are often more than just titillation.

The thing is, sexy stories are often more than just titillation. They can be a gateway into helping you discover things about yourself. Such as that penchant for spanking you never knew you had. Or that you yearn to feel a hand around your throat while you’re taken roughly in the kitchen, or that the idea of being at the mercy of multiple partners on a bed in a dank motel room makes you weak at the knees. And on the flip-side, there’s the potential for learning what you don’t like, too.

Fact: The brain is the most potent sex organ in the body.

The Mind

Scandarella's Introduction to Erotica & Sex Toys

Having it on side while you play massively increases your arousal and orgasmic potential. That there is reason enough to pick up a book and get reading, in my opinion.

So, you choose your story. You settle down to read and after a while you notice you’re starting to feel a little squirmy. The more you read the squirmier you get and soon enough you recognise it for what it is. You’re turned on. The words you’ve read have you sexually aroused and you know you need to be touched. What do you do? If you’ve got a book in your hand there’s a good chance that you’re stealing a spot of alone time, so the natural thing to do would be masturbate.

It’s awkward, though, isn’t it? I mean, erotic stories aren’t called one-handed reads for nothing. Your book or e-reader or tablet is in one hand and you’re gonna have to wank with the other one. Well, you could try using your tongue to turn the pages but trust me when I tell you, it doesn’t work. Frustrating, isn’t it?


There are some awesome sex toys out there that are perfect for using while reading erotica, most of them only needing one hand and a few needing none. Some are perfect for those who need clitoral stimulation, others are fab for lovers of internal toys, and still more are ideal for folks who need dual stim.

Here’s a small selection of them that you can find right here at Luxury Vibrators.

Clitorally Speaking

Nine times out of ten I’ll reach for a clitoral stimulator when I’m reading something raunchy. My personal go-to toys are bullet vibes like the We-Vibe Tango if whatever I’ve read has me wanting to finish it NOW, or the LELO Mia 2 if I’m feeling less of a sense of urgency. They’re both one-handed wonders, and because they’re do direct I can switch hands quickly and easily without losing my place or my buzz.

But sometimes I want a hand free to do other things like tweak a nipple or, even better, mirror some of the touches I’m reading about in the story. A touch on the neck, a stroke on the hip, a soft slap on the thigh. Getting involved in this way really draws me into a story.

But, as the clitoris is located on the outside of the body where a toy needs to be held in place, there doesn’t seem to be all that many hands-free options. That is until you look a little closer at some well-known toys. I discovered recently that slipping the teeny tiny Womanizer Starlet down the front of my knickers and letting the fabric keeping it steady makes it a brilliant hands-free option. With a mind full of filth and a clit surrounded by sucky, pulsy goodness, I’m transported to the land of orgasm in no time.

That said, the Starlet is a one button affair so can be quite finnicky to operate, and it’s also slightly limited in power if you compare it with the larger models. If you find you can’t quite make it over the edge with the Starlet, try the Lelo Sona Cruise. The added boost of reserved power right when you need it most could well do the trick.

Internal Affairs

If you want your vibes on the inside, a great idea would be to opt for a toy that does some of the work for you. If it’s your g-spot that’s going to make you detonate, the Lelo Gigi 2 with its flat head and curved shaft makes stimulation your hot-spot while distracted by a hot sex scene super simple. Don’t want to put in any effort at all? How about the Lelo Mona Wave? Simply insert and let its powerful strokes do all the work.

If you’d rather keep your hands out of your pants altogether, check out the Lelo Hula Beads. A peanut shaped love egg that can sit dormant inside of you until you’re ready to switch on the vibes with the remote. Increase the vibes as the scene that’s got you hot unfolds and you could find yourself reaching simultaneous climax with your favourite character.

If vibes put you off altogether but you still want something sensational, look no further than the Icicles No. 18. A beautiful, filling piece of glass with a gorgeous bumpy shaft and a pretty flower adorning the bulb at the end, it really does feel as good as it looks.

Inside and Out

Scandarella's Introduction to Erotica & Sex Toys

Okay, so you’re one of those folks (like me) who loves to feel the buzz inside and out. This is where the trusty rabbit vibrator comes into play. Easily operated with one hand, a toy like the We-Vibe Nova will literally rock your world by stimulating both the clitoris and g-spot in tandem. If that’s too slender, no problem. There’s a good chance that your fave rechargeable orgasm bringer could well be the Fifty Shades Darker Oh My Rabbit. It’s a big beastie with powerful vibes both internally and clitorally, and whenever I use mine it doesn’t take a lot of rockin’ to get orgasm to come a ’knockin’.

Want both your pleasure zones stimulated simultaneously without the effort of having a hand down there? Try a C-shaped vibe. While they’re marketed at ‘couples’ the We-Vibe Match and Sync both come with remote controls (bonus: the Sync is compatible with the We-Connect app!) so once you’re ready you can crank it up and reap the benefits.

Butt I Prefer it Around Back

Oh, anal sensations are your jam, are they? I like the way you think! Remote controlled, rechargeable butt stuff like the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager, We-Vibe Ditto Butt Plug, and Fifty Shades Freed Feel So Alive Pleasure Plug are all awesome toys that come with remote controls. That’s a godsend in anal toys, as far as I’m concerned. If I’m reading erotica I want to be in the moment, not reaching around – either backwards of forwards – to make a butt toy do my bidding. I want it to work for me so I can concentrate on all the bodice ripping going down in my book, and RC toys are perfect for switching intensities at the touch of an easy to reach button.

Not enough sensation? Okay, what do you think of the Lelo Loki Wave? A rabbit for the butt, with an external stimulator to tickle the perineum and a shaft that strokes the p-spot for you. Yes, I said it does the job for you. Could you even want any more than that?

Members Only

And by members I do mean cocks. Sometimes, palming your piece and stroking it your own damned self is good enough, as it should be. But other times…well, other times you want more. Simple sleeves aside, you could always grab a Fleshlight. Want a top tip? Warm up your lube. I know, I know, if you’re in the middle of a steamy story that suddenly inspires the desire to spank it you don’t want to mess around warming lube. But trust me, if it’s wetter it’s better, and if it’s warmer it’s easier to imagine that you’re penetrating the character who made you wanna do it in the first place.

You need vibrations, do you? Well, if you think you can wrestle with your one-eyed vessel without getting turned off by the sound of a jackhammer emanating from your crotch, give something from Hot Octopuss a try. Their Pulse products are incredibly powerful, come with remote controls, and there’s even a pocket version on the market now, too.

So, all that’s left for you to do now is choose your toy, get it positioned, then settle down to enjoy some erotica & sex toys. Let the words preoccupy your mind while the toy takes charge of your body and you may well find that letting yourself get lost in an erotic fantasy gives a welcome boost to your eventual climax. Happy reading!

Author – Ella Scandal

Thank you to Ella Scandal for the wonderful Erotica & Sex Toys suggestions.To learn more about Scandarella, read her reviews or eroticaclick here or visit her website at

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