What Are The Benefits To Using Sex Toys?

What Are The Benefits To Using Sex Toys?

It may seem hard to believe but 63% of the women we asked own at least one sex toy. We’ll if you ask me, that’s a pretty high number and it’s going up all the time. This is great news as sex toys are not only fun, but they offer many health & relationship benefits!

Why should everyone use sex toys? Luxury Vibrators has laid out (pardon the pun) for you five key benefits to using sex toys. Incorporate them into your alone time or use them with a partner…but just use them!

Here Are Five Benefits That Just Might Have You Running To The Store To Buy a Vibrator!

benefits of using sex toys, luxury Vibrators

Relieves stress

It’s a fact that sex relieves stress and anxiety; reaching orgasm triggers the bodies release of natural hormones called endorphins. When these endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain, they help you feel less impacted by stress, keep your mind more focused, and simply put you in a great mood! And as we’ve highlighted in past posts, for you ladies out there you’re far more likely to reach orgasm with the help of sex toys. You’ll have a stronger, fuller orgasm and in return will feel great!


Have quicker, more intense orgasms

Sex toys increase the intensity of your orgasms – It’s a fact!

Women often don’t receive enough clitoral stimulation during intercourse alone to reach climax so try using sex toys not only during foreplay but intercourse too. A quality sex toy will allow you to provide intense vibrations to a targeted region; dramatically increasing the likely hood of orgasm. Be sure to use the toys to pleasure yourself & your partner; men love well placed vibrations as much as women! (ensure you clean your toys when sharing). Cock-rings are a great way to add intensity for both partners. They enhance and prolong his erection, while offering wonderful clitoral vibrations all the while keeping your hands free for other things.

benefits of using sex toys, luxury Vibrators

Set the mood

Good sex toys reinforce the importance of foreplay and help set the mood for what’s to come! For most of us, foreplay is hot and heavy at the beginning of the relationship but as time passes and our lives become busier, we just rush threw sex like everything else. Quality sex toys slows things down and remind us how good it feels to pleasure our partner and be pleasured in return.

Get to know your body

It’s important to really get to know your body and learn what you like and what turns you on. With such a variety of sex toys on the market you can try something different every night of the week! Vibrators and dildos are most women’s go to solo toys, but have you tried them at the same time? If not you should! Strokers are a popular male toy, but have you tried one with a butt plug? Gay and straight men like them just the same. Experimenting with sex toys alone makes you more aware of your body therefore will help you guide your partner into new levels of intimacy!

benefits of using sex toys, luxury Vibrators

Improve your relationship

Shopping for sex toys & using them together pushes couples to talk about what they like and what they don’t. It will open up the lines of conversation yet to be unexplored. When shopping for sex toys with your partner, whether it be in a store or online, you’ll laugh together, get excited together and best of all, get horny together! If & when you get bored with the toys you have a home, start the process all over since sex toys are evolving all the time!

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