We-Vibe Lubricant

We-Vibe water-based lubricant is the highest quality lube available. Made from a premium water-based formula it’s compatible with all your favorite sex toys. 

It’s important to make sure you are always pairing your sex toys with the correct lubricant. Using the wrong lube can ruin your toy and render it unusable. Always read the package directions when you buy a new toy.

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We-Vibe Verge & We-Vibe Ditto Package, We-Vibe Canada, We-Vibe water-based Lubricant, shop We-Vibe Luxury Vibrators Canada

Long Lasting Water Based Lubricant

Lube is a long lasting water-based lubricant. It eases comfort with your favorite sex toys as well as during sex.

We-Vibe Lube is made by Pjur and each bottle is 100ml / 3.4fl oz.

Get your We-Vibe water-based lubricant alone or in the Dreamy Desire Collection.

One experts opinion

“This water-based lube is thick and lasts longer then most. It’s safe to use with all your We-Vibe toys, so go crazy!”

Stacie XO

May we suggest the pair?

Most customers purchase both a We-Vibe water-based Lubricant and a We-Vibe Cleaner with their new sex toys purchases. To make you’re shopping faster we’ve bundled the pair for you. We’ve also discounted the pair! Use it with your new toys or your existing ones.

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Best Protection for Your Toys

Grab your We-Vibe Lube & Clean Package Today!
Luxury Vibrators Canada - We-Vibe water-based Lubricant
For those of us that are health conscious, We-Vibe Lubricant and Clean are truly body-safe options.

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