How to choose the Best Wand Vibrator: Shopping Guide

A wand massager is a type of vibrator that is designed to provide powerful stimulation. It can be used to stimulate all parts of your body, and is perfect for men, women and couples. Wands are often used as sex toys, but they can also be used for health and wellness purposes, such as pain relief or muscle stimulation. Wand massagers are usually larger than other types of vibrators, and often have a long, slender handle that makes them easy to hold and use. The head of the wand massager is rounded and slightly bulbous, and many are sized for wand attachments.

Wand massagers typically have multiple vibration settings that can easily be controlled with the simple push of a button. They are powered by rechargeable batteries or AC adapters, and the high-end ones are typically very quiet when in use. Wand massagers can be used for both solo play and couples play, and they are a great way to add some extra stimulation to your sex life. If you are looking for an extremely powerful sex toy, then a wand vibrator may be just what you need!

What to consider when buying a wand vibrator


Silicone and plastic are common materials used to make wands. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Hard plastic wands will generally be cheaper, but they can be loud. The will often have a rougher texture, be less durable and may not provide as much stimulation as their more expensive counterparts. Silicone wands are usually softer and quieter, they are easy to keep clean and are body-safe; but they tend to be more expensive.


When choosing a wand massager, it’s important to pay attention to the size and weight of the device. If it’s too heavy, it might tire your arm out faster than you’d like. If it’s too small, you might not be able to achieve an orgasm as fast as you’d like. Wand massagers come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. If you’re looking for a wand massager that can be used used for travel, I would recommend a smaller wand with a rechargeable battery.

Power Source

Another important consideration is the power source. There are two main kinds of wand massagers: corded and cordless. They can be powered by rechargeable batteries or by an AC adapter. Many people believe that the corded massage wands are more powerful, than the cordless versions of the same thing. If you plan on using your wand massager for extended periods of time, then you may want to choose a model that is powered by an AC adapter and plugs into the wall. However, if you only plan on using your wand massager for short periods of time, then a battery powered model may be more appropriate. Cordless ones are obviously more convenient because you don’t need to worry about a cord getting in the way, but they can often be more expensive and don’t always produce the same level of power.


Wand massagers tend to be the most customizable sex toys. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from those that are straight to those that are curved to those that are bent in various directions. Wands can also be used for more than just external stimulation. The best wand vibrator will accommodate attachments that allows for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. Some models only offer one speed, while others offer three or more speeds. Having multiple speeds allows you to experiment with different sensations.


There are many wand attachments to choose from. They are all designed for a specific purpose, and selecting one is based on personal preference. The most common attachments provide clitoral, g-spot, p-spot stimulation or have a masturbator attachment. When shopping for a wand and attachment be sure to a select a standard size; alternately purchase accessories that are specifically made for the wand of choice. For example the Doxy 3 (a smaller massage wand) with custom made attachments.

Wand massager price range

Wand massagers are available in various price ranges. The most basic kind is made of hard plastic, while more expensive options are made of silicone. The high-end massage wands offer a more ergonomic shape with more features. Many are waterproof, have various speeds and variations and come with warranties. Like everything else, you get what you pay for. 

Four of the best wand vibrators

The massage wands listed below are body-safe and made from premium products. They offer a variety of speed options and are all very powerful. These four massage wands are the best wand vibrators based on popularity and sales at Luxury Vibrators.

Doxy 3 - Mini Massage Wand

Doxy Die Cast 3 Rose Pattern (LIMITED EDITION) with the remote

The Doxy 3 is a powerful, handheld wand massager with varying speeds. It’s a smaller more portable version of the Doxy Die Cast. It is a cordless massage wand made from polished aluminum and titanium alloy. The vibrations are intense for a cordless, mini wand and it’s ideal for travel. Doxy has designed a few custom attachments for this wand, making perfect for him, her and them!

The Lelo Smart Wand 2

The Lelo Smart Wand 2 is a new an improved version of Lelo’s bestselling wand. It’s ergonomic, waterproof and cordless. The Smart Wand 2 is made with smooth silicone and offers 10 powerful vibration settings. It lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge and comes with a manufactures warranty. Choose between 2 sizes and three colors.

Lelo Smart Wand 2 available in three colors

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Mini Rechargeable

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is the best of both worlds. It is a wireless massage wand that can be used while it’s being charged and plugged in. Featuring multiple vibration settings and intensities, it has a flexible neck and is ideal for full body massage. The Magic Wand Rechargeable will last up-to three hours on a single charge, comes with a manufactures warranty, but it is not waterproof. Read the Magic Wand Comparison Guide to learn more about this brand or wand vibrators.

Romp Flip Wand

The Romp Flip massage wand is our best-selling, budget friendly wand vibrator. Made with body-safe silicone, it features 6 vibration modes and 4 settings it’s waterproof and comes with a warranty. This is a great started wand or the perfect wand for someone wanting a quality item at a less expensive price point.

The best wand Vibrators

Still not sure what wand vibrator to choose? There are many things to consider when choosing a wand massager: power, head shape, and material to name a few. At the end of the day as long as you are purchasing a wand from Luxury Vibrators you know you’re getting a body-safe product, made with premium products that is designed to last years. You just need to select the features and price point that work best for you.

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