How do I choose the right lubricant?

Did you know that lubricants are one of the most popular items here at Luxury Vibrators? With more than 75% of all our customers including at least one bottle with their order. So how do I choose the right lubricant? Let us help you.

Lubricant increases pleasure during sex, foreplay, while exploring sex toys, and is a necessity during anal play. When using a lubricant with your sex toys it is important to know the differences because using the wrong lube can destroy your toy!

We’ll break down the differences between a variety of popular lubricants. In other words we’ll help you choose a lubricant that is best for you by giving you a clear understanding of what lubes to use during different activities and with different materials.

Water-based lubricant is a great option for a few reasons. It works with all sex toys, even silicone! You’ll find water-based lube comes in a variety of options including many delicious flavors, and the popular warming and cooling options. Typically water-based lube is the most reasonably priced, is sweeter tasting, condom compatible, and is easy to clean.

Water-based lubricant doesn’t last as long as silicone or oil based varieties. You’ll find you need to reapply as it becomes dry and tacky. It doesn’t work in the bath, can feel a bit sticky, and often contain glycerin which can be an allergen and cause irritation in some women (see below).


  • Works will all types of sex toys
  • Comes in a variety of options
  • Reasonably priced
  • Tastes good
  • Condom compatible
  • Easy to clean (just water)
  • Great for oral sex
  • A light natural feel


  • Doesn’t last as long as other lubricants
  • Can be sticky or tacky
  • Won’t work in the bath or shower

Water-based lubricant with glycerin

Many water-based lubricants contain glycerin. Glycerin can be natural, derived from vegetable oil, or synthetic made in a factory. You’ll find it very difficult to tell the difference between the two, they both preform the same way, and have the same safety levels. 

Women prone to yeast infections may want to avoid glycerin lube, as it converts to sugar inside your vagina which may cause a yeast infection. If you find this is the case for you, try a lubricant with natural glycerin, a hybrid lubricant or a lube without any glycerin at all (silicone, oil, water-based glycerin free).

The water-based lubricants without glycerin can be slightly bitter tasting and often contain parabens or propylene glycol which can irritate your skin. These lubricants are harder to find. Make sure you’re reading the ingredient list, and try different types to find out what works best for you.

Glycerin lube offers many benefits, it’s very slippery, easy to clean, sweet tasting, available in the popular flavored & warming or cooling options. It is safe with all types of sex toys including condoms, and is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Glycerin is safe to consume, and can even be found in some foods. 

Water-based lubricant with glycerin can dry up or become tacky quickly. Add a little water or saliva to increase the longevity of the lube. Glycerin water-based lube does’t preform well in water, and can cause yeast infections in some women. 

Hybrid lubricant is a water-based lube with a small amount of either silicone or oil, typically 90% water and 10% other. It combines the glide of the silicone/oil and the smoothness of a water-based lube. Often these lubes have all the benefits of a water-based lubricant with the longevity and feel of an oil or silicone lube. 

Hybrid lubes are compatible will most of your sex toys, and is condom compatible even though it contains a small amount of silicone or oil (read the instructions carefully). Often you’ll find lovely organic or natural hybrid lubricant containing ingredients such as coconut oil, these are great choices.


  • Benefits of multiple lubrication’s in one
  • Mostly water-based
  • Works with most sex toys
  • Condom compatible (read label)
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t always work with silicone sex toys
  • Limited variations on the market

Silicone lubricant is a great choice for glass, metal, hard plastic, aluminum, wood and all other hard sex toys. It can not be used with soft toys like gel or silicone, as it will break them down. Use caution when applying silicone lube to your high end sex toys as many of them are made of high grade medical silicone and they aren’t cheap!

Silicone lubricant is  a great option for anal play, it’s much thicker then water-based lube, has incredible glide and longevity. Using silicone lubricant during sex and with silicone friendly sex toys is also popular choice as silicone lube will outlast water-based lube every-time! It can be used in the water, doesn’t get sticky, is condom compatible, and can even be used for massage because it won’t dry out.


  • Thick lubricant
  • Waterproof
  • Silky texture
  • Long lasting
  • Great for anal play
  • Can be used on hard sex toys
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Condom compatible (read the label)


  • Can’t use on soft sex toys
  • Soap and water must be used to clean it
  • May stain your sheets or clothes

Oil based lubricant

Oil based lube will keep things super moist! It offers great glide and will last a long time! Oil based lubricant should never be used with sex toys, it will break down the toy or coat it. Once the toy has been coated in oil you’ll have to boil it or use a chemical cleaner to remove it.

Oil Based Lubricant is not a healthy choice during sexual intercourse or anal exploration as it will coat your vagina or anus. 


  • Very slippery
  • You can find them all over the kitchen (coconut oil, olive oil, etc)
  • Great for full body massage
  • Great for anal play


  • Should not be used internally (vagina-anus)
  • Not compatible with condoms
  • Should not be used with sex toys
  • Hard to clean

What Lubricant Should I buy?

How do I choose the right lubricant?…We’ll I hope we helped! Remember when choosing a lubricant first you need to decide how you’ll be using it. For example if it’s with sex toys, make sure the one you choose won’t break down your toy. Water-based lubricants are always a good choice as they can be used with all your luxury sex toys. I would recommend trying a few different lubricants to see what works best for you; maybe a multi-pack. In conclusion each type of lubricant has a benefit and it’s very much a personal choice.

Still questioning “How do I choose the right lubricant?” Get a sex-perts opinion! Read Rae Chen’s Sliquid Guide

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