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Luxury Vibrators sends products out regularly to some of the industries leading sex toys experts in exchange for an honest review. You will find links to these reviews here as well as the top nav bar.

Hot Octopuss Strokers Guybrator Comparison Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Octopuss’s Strokers. The Guybrator Comparison Guide!
Hot Octopuss has an astonishing amount of Guybrators to choose from, but what is the difference between all these Guybrators? At first glance it’s impossible to tell, so Luxury Vibrators has decided to make it easy for you in our comprehensive comparison guide.


ROMP Review: Affordable, High-Quality Sex Toys from We-Vibe

The days of buzzy budget toys are over. Created by the same company that owns luxury sex toy brands We-Vibe and Womanizer, ROMP offers sex toys for a small budget—but each one is deliciously intense.

You’ll find a lot of the same body-safe silicone coatings, wide-ranging intensity levels, and waterproof bodies in the ROMP line that you would expect from a luxury sex toy. They’re a great way to try a new style of toy on a budget, or to find a sex toy that feels great under $50.


The Ultimate Guide to Sliquid Lubricants

Sliquid is one of the most popular brands for body-safe lube, and it’s easy to see why: their range dwarfs most (if not all) others in the business. They make dozens of different kinds of lubricants, in addition to extras like toy cleaners and spa products. Each non-sticky formula is free of irritants like glycerine, Nonoxynol-9, parabens, and propylene glycol, which makes it easy to shop the Sliquid line with confidence—even online.


What are the Differences Between the Tenga Masturbators

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that all Fun Factory Pulsators are silicone vibrators. They’re shaped like vibes, have the same control panels as vibes, but vibes they are not. In fact, with exception of the Bi Stronic Fusion, they don’t have vibrating motors at all.


We-Vibe Comparison Guide

With a diverse product line and the continuous development of new sex toys, it’s about time that we pulled together the resources to give you an in-depth guide to We-vibe vibrators. Join us as we introduce We-vibe’s vibrators and give you a first step towards making an informed purchase!


We-Vibe couple’s vibrator comparison

Are you mystified by the Match? Stumped by the Sync? Unsure of the Unite? If yes, trust us, you’re in good company! We-Vibe’s couples vibrators might all look the same, but each one is different to the next. And Scandarella is here to guide you through those differences, and the similarities, to help you choose the perfect model for you in her new We-Vibe couple’s vibrator comparison.


Do You Even Lift? A Guide to Kegel Exercisers

I remember being in my mid-teens somewhere, standing in a kitchen with an older relative. Flushing furiously while listening to her tell me all the reasons why I should do my kegel exercises. She was doing the dishes at the time. She said, “You can’t tell I’m squeezing my vaginal muscles right now, can you? And kegel exercisers make it easier!” Ugh, I was dying of embarrassment and thinking, no I can’t cos I’ve got my bloody eyes closed!


Womanizer Comparison Guide – How to Choose the Best Model for You

UPDATED 2019 – When the sex toy industry comes up with something new – and I mean truly new – it’s hard to ignore it. You read the reviews. You can’t miss the hype. So many people loving on the latest delight, while others despise it for not working with their bodies. It’s easy to choose whether or not to take a punt when there’s just one model. All you need to do is find a blogger who has similar tastes to you and read their opinions.