We-Vibe Canada, Tango Pleasure Mate Collection by We-Vibe GlowWE-Vibe canada - Pleasure Mate Collection - We-Vibe Glow g-spot massager

We-Vibe – Glow Massager

$ 115.00 $ 60.00

The Glow by We-Vibe is a g-spot massager. This massager has a soft tip and firm base. It can be used on it own, or pair it with the We-Vibe Tango for wild vibrations!

We-Vibe Canada, Tango Pleasure Mate Collection - We-Vibe Dusk butt plugPleasure Mate Collection - We-Vibe butt plug, We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection Sex Kit

We-Vibe – Dusk Anal Plug

$ 52.00 $ 47.05

The We-Vibe Dusk butt plug is perfect for beginners to anal play. The silky, soft silicone is smoothly tapered, for easy entry. Use  the Dusk alone or pair it with the Tango vibrator for an assortment of vibrating sensations. Made using the finest materials.

we-vibe wish review, We-Vibe Wish personal vibrator, Cheap We-Vibe Canada - wishSilicone vibrator Wish by We-Vibe

We-Vibe – Wish Vibrator

$ 139.00 $ 122.55

The We-Vibe Wish Clitoral Vibrator is the newest member of the We-Vibe family. This personal vibrator has the feel and power of a popular wand vibrator. Providing the most amazing sensation to the internal and external clitoral nerves.

The Wish has a soft exterior with rumbling vibrations throughout. You’ll love the look and feel of this waterproof vibrator, it’s broad with a tapered tip for more focused pleasure.

Powerful persoanl massagerThe We-Vibe Rave g-spot vibrator

We-Vibe – Rave Vibrator

$ 113.05 $ 90.44

The We-Vibe Rave vibrator has quickly become a favorite personal vibrator to women all over the world! It offer amazing vibrationPus, a unique twisted shaft and hours of pleasure. Twist and turn the shaft to apply pressure exactly where you want it…

We-Vibe Tango mini vibrator, We-Vibe Tango reviewWe-Vibe Tango mini vibrator, We-Vibe Canada

We-Vibe – Tango

$ 75.05 $ 63.20

The We-Vibe Tango pocket vibrator is a small, yet powerful vibrator. This waterproof pocket sized vibrator offers a amazing vibration sensations in a small package. The Tango features a tapered tip that allows for more concentrated pleasure that you can apply exactly where you want it.

Touch by We-Vibe Canadasex toys, We-Vibe Canada, We-Vibe Touch clitoral vibrator - shop We-Vibe Luxury Vibrators Canada

We-Vibe – Touch Vibrator

$ 94.05 $ 75.24

The Touch personal vibrator by We-Vibe is a clitoral vibe that will rock your world! With 8 vibration modes, this waterproof vibrator is silky soft, and completely rechargeable. This whisper quiet sex toys is also easy to clean using soap and water or We-Vibe clean.

We-Vibe Canada, We-Vibe Sale, shop We-Vibe Luxury Vibrators CanadaWe-Vibe Sale, We-Vibe Canada Out Of Stock

We-Vibe – Passionate Play Collection

$ 150.00


We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection is a collection of the most popular sex toys. Featuring the best selling couples toy a We-Vibe 4 plus. A mini vibrator the Tango and a sex silk sash. This sex kit has everything you need for a night in! The We-Vibe 4 Plus comes in the limited edition black, while the Tango is in a limited edition pearl.

We-Vibe 4-Plus We-Vibe CanadaWe-Vibe clearance, We-Vibe 4 plus couples vibrator review Out Of Stock

We-Vibe – 4-Plus

$ 206.10 $ 139.00


The We-Vibe 4 Plus is the No. 1 selling couples sex toy in the world. Use it during sex to stimulate your clitoris and g-spot with the dual motors. This hands free toys allows you to use your hands elsewhere. Made from the finest materials it’s body-safe, waterproof and can even be controlled using your smart phone!

Tango Pleasure Mate Collection by We-Vibe Glow, We-Vibe Tango ReviewWe-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection Sex Kit, We-Vibe Canada - we-vibe dusk butt plug, we-vibe glow g-spot massager

We-Vibe – Pleasure Mate Collection

$ 113.05 $ 98.20

We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection sex kit consists of a We-Vibe Tango, a Glow and a Dusk. Use the Tango alone or insert it in the Glow or Dusk for your ultimate pleasure.

The Tango is an immensely powerful little vibrator, small enough to fit in your pocket but with wildly powerful vibrations. The Glow is a g-spot massager with the perfect curve to pleasure you exactly where you want it. The Dusk is a butt plug designed for beginners; it’s silky smooth with a tapered tip for easy insertion.

sex toys, Dreamy Desire Collection - coral we vibe 4 plus, We-Vibe 4 plus couples vibrator reviewDiscount We-Vibe, Out Of Stock

We-Vibe – Dreamy Desire Collection

$ 229.00 $ 180.00


The We-Vibe Dreamy Desire Collection consists of three of the most popular We-Vibe products. Featuring the We-Vibe 4 Plus couples vibrator, a We-Vibe Touch and a bottle of We-Vibe Lube. This kit is perfect for those looking for some of We-Vibes most popular products at a reduced price.