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Anal toys are pleasure products that are meant to be inserted in your rear (obviously). They vary greatly in size, material and texture; some vibrate, others massage his prostate, while many are just for fun. They can be enjoyed equally by men and woman & are used during solo play, foreplay and intercourse. Lubricant is strongly encouraged when using anal toys and during anal sex; we offer many lubes manufactured specifically for anal play.

It’s recommended to start with a smaller plug or training kit if you’re new to anal toys, and gradually increase the size as you become more comfortable. It’s important to note that not all toys can be inserted anally. When shopping for anal toys be sure to shop in the clearly labelled categories below or read the features in the product details. Using the wrong toy could end up with a trip the emergency room to have it removed, so insert carefully. Not sure where to start? Read our Beginners Guide to Anal Sex & Anal Toys

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