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A Quick Guide to Liberator Shapes

Something that gets mentioned a lot in the sex blogging community is inclusivity. All too often, we find that sex toys and accessories are largely gendered and designed for the use of able-bodied folks. But there are some that aren’t gendered at all, and what’s more, they take into account disability, mobility, fitness, and body size. One such brand is Liberator.

Probably the best thing to happen to my sex life, Liberator Shapes are sex enhancing position aids. Made from foam with a protective, water-resistant lining and a removable, machine washable cover, Liberator products are both beautiful and functional. They come in a myriad of shapes and sizes which accommodate everything from the smallest to the very largest of positioning needs, whether you’ll be playing alone or with one or more friends.

Incorrect Assumptions

Some people believe that only those who indulge in acrobatic sex are at risk of discomfort, cramps, muscle fatigue, and accidental tumbles. They think that if you’re more of a missionary lover (or doggy, or cowgirl) you’re home free. I mean, you’re not going to fall off if you’re both lying down, right?

But many people – myself included – will tell you that this isn’t the case. We all have our little issues (some of us have big ones) where even the simplest of sex positions can make us feel like we’re halfway through the world’s toughest assault course. We can get backache in missionary, sore knees in doggy, or dead arms, cramping feet, clicking wrists. And some of us don’t get a chance to suffer those things because we can’t even get into the simplest of positions in the first place.

Assume the Position

If you ever find yourself struggling to get into or maintain a position, your sexy time will benefit greatly from the addition of a Liberator Shape. Many of them are available in two sizes – Original and Plus – and their product pages often come with full dimensions and weight guidelines, so you can figure out the perfect one for you.

Some of the Liberator Shapes you’ll find are very small and are designed to be stored in plain sight.The Heart Wedge is one such product. Not only does it pass as a pretty cushion, but it also fits nicely under the butt, elevating the user’s hips to give their partner perfect access to their genitals for oral sex.

If you need something bigger, check out the Wedge. You can use this one to lift the hips, making it easier to keep your legs in the air. This helps if you struggle to reach during masturbation, and it’s excellent for deep penetration. You can lean over it for support during rear entry, too, taking pressure off the knees and spine.

A great thing about Liberator Shapes is how they work together. You can take your Wedge and add it to the Ramp, and neither piece will move. The fabric that covers them clings to itself, giving you some pretty solid playtime framework.

The Flip Ramp looks innocuous in the corner of a bedroom, kinda like a cube chair from Ikea. But when you flip it, you get an almost full body supporting sex cushion! And if you want something that’s basically a dedicated sex sofa, check out the Esse. Just make sure you have the room for it because once you take a Liberator product out of its vacuum packaging, you ain’t getting it back in!

Mount and Ride

Another great range of products in Liberator’s sexy arsenal is their toy mounts. Are you a bouncer? Well, if you are the BonBon will be for you. Just slot your chosen sex toy – dildo or vibrator – into the slot in the top, hop on and bounce your way to heaven. You can play alone with it, or get a partner involved for some delicious double penetration action without the need of a third party.

If you’re more of a rocker, have a peek at the Pulse. This one works in a similar fashion, but rather than being static, it rocks. A world of thrusting sensations awaits Pulse lovers, and there’s even a couple of pockets to hold vibrating toys for added clitoral and anal stimulation.

Liberator hasn’t just focused on dildo lovers, though. There’s the Axis – a positioning aid that holds a wand vibrator right at the front, or the Wanda which holds a wand in its top and is ideal for multiple partner play.

For those who would rather penetrate than be penetrated, Liberator has produced Fleshlight mounts.Pop your Fleshlight into the cavity on the Top Dog, close your eyes and imagine your lover on their knees. Or, if you prefer the idea of them on their back and at your mercy, check out the On a Mission mount. If you want to penetrate and be penetrated simultaneously, you’ll love angle and height of the Two Play.

Make a Splash

I know this is an intro to Liberator’s position enhancers, but I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t give a quick shout out to another of their fine products. Liberator Fascinator Throesare fantastic water-resistant sex blankets that can be used with or without their Shapes.

Available in three sizes – Mini, Original, and King – they’re made from the same fabrics as the Shapes. They come in matching colours, too. If you’re a squirter, or if you just hate the dreaded damp patch, you need one of these. They protect your sheets and mattress from the messy reality of sex. And, they also feel great against the skin. If you like the feel of velvet or the touch of soft fleece, you’ll love Liberator’s Throes.

For Your Stash

Lastly, I want to mention a little something for sex toy lovers. Do you travel with your toys? Or do you just want to have funky storage at home that’s stylish and discreet? Well, a good place to start would be with a Liberator toy bag.

Flat ones like the Zappa are great for those who want to keep their favourites in a bedside drawer. If you want your wand and other bits in reach and ready for action, check out the Locking Toy Case. Do you take your toys to out and about to sex parties or dungeons? Carry them there in style in the gorgeous leather handled Tristan. All Liberator bags are made to the same high standard as their Shapes, Mounts, and Throes. Go check them out now. You might just discover your new favourite brand.

Author – Ella Scandal

Thank you to Ella Scandal from “Scandarella” for the detailed look into the Liberator brand of furniture! To learn more about Scandarella, read her reviews or erotica, click here or visit her website at

Quick Guide to Liberator Shapes

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