Sex Toy Review: Liberator BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount

Liberator BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount

The Liberator BonBon sex pillow and toy mount is basically a super dense piece of foam that is covered in a soft washable cover. You can use it as a sex toy holder or support during maturation or partner play. It also works as a positioning aid during sex without the dildo or vibrator inserted in the top. 

For a quick overview of the BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Product Specs

  • Size: The Liberator BonBon sex pillow & toy mount is approximately 15″ x 8.5″ x 12″
  • Material: It’s made with Liberators Microvelvet plush faux velvet cover; that is 100% polyester
  • Internal Structure: The internal foam is a fully supportive polyurethane
  • Price: $168.00 CAD at the time of publishing (use code “review” for an additional 10% off)

Touch and Feel

The Foam is extremely firm, and it really holds it’s shape when I press or lay on it.  The BonBon’s removable cover is thick and soft; it reminds me of the way a  microvelvet couch feels. Under the cover is a silky smooth fabric that covers the entire BonBon sex pillow. It is also removable for cleaning and looks and feels like sexy silk pyjamas.

BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount Review


I’ve had my BonBon for almost 3 years! Yes – it’s taken me that long to write this review. I can tell you it looks as good as it did the day I bought it. After each use I remove the cover and wash it, it’s held out really well and the foam hasn’t lost it’s shape at all. The quality is top notch for sure! 


It’s a pretty basic design that works really well. The hight is perfect for straddling, and allows for full penetration when using a dildo. It’s not designed to be used with wands, but I find it works really well with my Magic Wand Mini.  I bought it looking for a sex toy mount, but really love it as a position aid as well. It’s small enough to fit under my bed, or on the top shelf in my bedroom closet. 

Sex Toy Review: BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount

Using the Liberator BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount

The Liberator BonBon sex toy mount works well with all my dildos and vibrators. The hole in the top is pretty large, but it’s tight so the toy fits snuggly and doesn’t move around when I do.

My partner likes to watch me using the BonBon with a dildo. It gets him excited and is a great starter for me. I often insert my dildo in the hole and manually hold a bullet vibe during masturbation. Rabbit vibrators also work well, you have total control of the level of penetration and the clitoral stimulation is an added bonus handsfree! 

We often use the BonBon during sex. It lifts my hips and gives a great angle for deep penetration. It works well at the side of our bed, raising me up to his level when he’s standing. 

Cleaning the Liberator BonBon

Both the outer cover  and the inner liner on the Liberator BonBon unzip and can be removed for cleaning. I throw them in the machine with my regular laundry load; and even dry them on a gentle tumble. I have washed the cover countless times already, and it’s held up perfectly. The colour has held true and the fabric, stitching, zipper are still as good as new. 

BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount inner layer
BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount inner layer is removable


Liberator does an amazing job at squishing the foam to get them into the smallest packages. It’s not super important for the BonBone because it’s not huge, but something like the Esse needs would be unmanageable without their magic! 


The price of this sex pillow makes you believe it must be luxurious, and it really is. It’s a simple product, but the quality, design and functionality are of those that are only found in high-end products. You might find a cheaper position aid, but the foam won’t hold out and it will decay over time.

The Liberator brand is arguably the most desirable brand of sex furniture. It’s designed in the United States, they have countless position options and all are made with the finest quality materials.

What does the BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount Compare To?

The Liberator Tula is very similar to the BonBon. The shape is ideal for straddling and it can also be used as a toy mount or sex pillow. The added bonus with the Tula is it has two pockets for toys! You can put one in the top similar to the BonBon, but there is also a pocket at the end for another toy. This allows for more versatility and you can even use it at the same time as your partner. 

The Liberator Wing sex toy mount has a lower profile, and the pocket for the toy is at one end rather than the middle like the BonBon. When you straddle the pillow, penetrate a dildo or vibrator and hold the pillow it gives a lift similar to the feeling of being with a partner. If you’re using a quality vibrator you will feel the vibrations through the entire pillow. The vibrations feel great against my nipples as I hold the pillow. 

If you’re looking for a long term investment this is worth every cent. It’s a luxurious and versatile piece of furniture that you’ll have for years. It works well for masturbation and sex, you can’t really go wrong. Learn more about the Liberator brand Perfectly Positioned: A Quick Guide to Liberator Shapes.


  • Firm and holds it shape
  • Very luxurious feeling
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits under the bed
  • Tight toy pocket
  • Allows for handsfree masturbation 


  • Expensive

Overall Rating 9.8

Ease of use
BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount with a dildo

Sex Toy Review: BonBon Sex Pillow & Toy Mount

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