Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

$ 189.00$ 198.00

The Doxy Die Cast is the luxurious big brother to the Original Doxy Massager. It’s one powerful wand sex toy made using premium body-safe silicone mounted to a die cast aluminum body. The Doxy Die cast is available in four colors!


Introducing The

Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

Doxy Diecast Massage Wand in four color choices

The Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand is one luxurious personal vibrator. It’s made using body-safe silicone, aluminum & titanium alloy making it the most stunning wand you’ll ever lay your hands on! The head circumference is a standard size so it fits all standard sized wand attachments.

The Doxy Die Cast Massager has a variable speed motor going from about 3000 – 9000 RPM’s. Change the speeds easily using the plush, back lit LED push buttons and feel it roll and rumble as you move it all over yours and your partners body.


Which one is perfect for you?

Doxy Diecast Massager Purple color
Doxy Diecast Massager Red color
Doxy Diecast Massager Black color
Doxy Die Cast Rose Pattern (LIMITED EDITION)

The Die Cast by Doxy is 30% more powerful then the popular Hitachi massage wand. The Die Cast comes in 5 color options along with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Be sure to watch the videos below to learn more about this popular massager.

Check Out These Video Introductions to Doxy:

Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand Features:

  • Set any level in the RPM range
  • 3000 – 9000 RPM range
  • No pause during speed changes
  • Escalating pulse mode
  • 12 foot cord length
  • 7.5 inch head circumference
  • 830 grams in weight (680 grams excluding the plug)
  • Easy to clean
  • Plug top power supply
  • Medical-grade silicone head & neck
  • Phthalates free
  • Fits large wand massager accessories
  • Choose from many colours
  • Aluminum & titanium handle
  • Easy to find blue LED lighted buttons
  • Variable escalating pulse setting
  • Operates with any voltage
  • 12 month manufactures warranty

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Doxy Diecast Massage Wand in four color choices

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$ 189.00$ 198.00

Additional Information

Doxy Die Cast Silver DC-SILVER





Rose Pattern, Black, Black with 18 karat Gold, Brushed Steel, Purple, Red, White


Body-Safe Silicone, Stainless Steel


330 mm x 191 mm (13.0" x 7.5")


0.68 kg

Power Source

110V AC Wall Plug



Carrying Case


Strap-on Compatible


Remote Control


Smart Phone App





1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

10 reviews for Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

  1. Avatar


    It was a tough decision getting the new one (expensive) over the old one. My boy friend paid the extra and wanted me to get the fancy one, Im so glad I did I really like it. It’s so fancy!

  2. Avatar

    Megan N.

    This has become a favorite sex toy. I use it alone and with boyfriend, not sure what I did without it. I ordered the white one, it’s absolutely beautiful, it sparkles! Try it with a dildo alone, that’s my fave.

  3. Avatar


    I’ve read many great things about this product online, every decent blogger has one. I had a hard time locating one in Canada to buy, oddly enough. I found them on this site and took a chance, it arrived in 2 days and was better then I expected. The cord is really long, and it feels like it’s made really well. It’s a bit heavy to hold. I use it during sex from time to time, it’s a bit cumbersome but does add pleasure. I ordered the white one and it’s lovely.

  4. Avatar


    I use this all the time!

  5. Avatar


    My hubby loves it as much as I do. He asks for it almost every time.

  6. Avatar


    Worth every cent!

  7. Avatar


    They don’t offer the hard case anymore, now it just comes in a regular box.

  8. Avatar

    Char k.

    I wasn’t sure about what one to choose so I use the instant chat option and the store spent over 20 minutes telling me about the differences and even gave me their personal opinion. I’m glad they convinced me to buy this one not I’m sure it’ll be a favorite forever.

  9. Avatar

    Greg (verified owner)

    LuxuryVibrators shipped our Doxy Die Cast extremely quickly, and its box came well-padded between two generous sheets of brown packing paper. The label and exterior of the shipping box are discrete and the box was well-sealed.

    The wand itself is an impressive powerhouse of a tool in regards to each of its construction, silhouette, and function. Without even being plugged in, this toy screams, “serious business.” The brushed aluminum exterior feels hefty and durable, the svelte silicone head and polished fittings don’t budge, and the toy’s curvaceous and lithe silhouette promise exquisite luxury. Though I could see the cudgel-like mass frustrating the frail-wristed, but I appreciate its die-cast heft as a positive aspect.

    Plugging in the toy and giving a cursory test run through its settings, I was immediately impressed by the precision and unfettered power of the Doxy Die Cast. Owing to the toy’s weighty body, very little of its vibrations are wasted through the hand. The head visibly blurs in operation and, on its starting (though not lowest) setting, the vibrations prove strong enough to render weak a hand directly gripping the head. On the lower two-thirds of the steady-operation settings, the vibrations have enough rumble to visibly move tissue in saves during light touch. At its most powerful settings, the Die Cast requires to be applied with some force in order to distribute the vibrations lest they be delivered too precisely and the focused intensity overwhelm the recipient. At the very least, this toy is a potent and capable muscle massager. I am fain to muse the predicaments my girlfriend and I will devise with this implement.

    If you are considering buying a Magic Wand equivalent and do not mind that this model is cabled, you can safely end your hunt here and smash that, “Add to Cart,” button. I have tried each of the three Hitachi-equivalent Magic Wands in-store and they pale in comparison to the Doxy Die Cast’s sheer might and titanic construction.

  10. Avatar

    Mo Robbins (verified owner)

    You know when you orgasm and it feels like every cell in your body gets rearranged? You feel tingles in every inch of your body? And you realize you now have a new definition of what an orgasm is? Yup that’s what happened to me the first time I used this beauty. Highly recommend!!

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Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

$ 189.00$ 198.00

Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

$ 189.00$ 198.00