Fun Factory – Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit

Fun Factory – Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit


The Fun Factory Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit is guaranteed to take your sex life to the next level. Included in the kit is the Manta, a revolutionary stroker used during masturbation, oral sex and intercourse. As we as the NŌS vibrating couples ring that can be used during oral sex, with your fingers and during intercourse. The possibilities are endless!


Intensify your oral fun & more

Fun Factory Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit

The Fun Factory Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit features two of Fun Factory’s bestselling couples toys together for the first time.

The Manta stroker will turn your penis into a vibrator and the NŌS vibrating penis ring that will have you climaxing together harder than ever.

Also included in the kit is a ylang-ylang massage candle, 6 exclusive videos to teach you new techniques, 4 games to expand your play and a custom hair scrunchie, just for FUN!

Ways To Play With the Fun Factory Couples Kit

  • A better blowjob The unique shape of the NŌS makes you feel everything more intensely. So get (or give) the best blowjob ever!
  • Vibration for two Pick a position and hold your MANTA between you. (Tip: try it with your partner on top!) You’ll both feel intense vibration
  • Vibrating fingers Slip the NŌS around your fingers and make everything feel even more amazing
  • Extra-sensational blowjob Push your Manta to the base of your shaft for an extra-amazing blowjob. It feels like a deep-throat blowjob that vibrates!
  • Come together Pick your favorite position turn on your NŌS and let those simultaneous orgasms happen
  • What’s your favorite spot? The Manta is ideal for targeted vibration and stroking. Hold it over and under your head, along your shaft, and against the base. What’s your favorite?

Take a Deeper Look at the Fun Factory Manta

Manufacturer Product Video

A kit to intensify oral & more

This kit is great for blowjobs, but that’s not all! Both the Manta and NŌS can be used for external clitoral stimulation intensifying orgasms for both partners.

Try the fun blowjob-generator game with a Yes/No/Maybe list to get you and your partner talking about what to try next. Or watch one of the 6 exclusive video workshops from Ashley Manta.

Always Discreet

Luxury Vibrators will ship your Fun Factory Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit in a discreet package with no indication of where it’s coming from or what’s inside. The only people that will know are the ones you tell! But that’s not all, we want to ensure your absolute privacy so your credit card statement is also discreet; your purchase will indicate it’s from LVC Online…what’s that?…Perfect!

Included in the Fun Factory Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit

  • Two bestselling toys
  • Infinite Os
  • Ylang-ylang massage candle
  • Ashley Manta’s 6 exclusive video workshops
  • 4 games
  • Custom hair scrunchie
  • Manta stroker
  • NŌS couples ring

Discreet Billing and Shipping

Shipped in a plain, unmarked package
Fun Factory Logo at LuxuryVibrators.ca

Pleasure for both partners with countless different ways to play

The Couples Kit with More

No Doubt Customers Love it!




Fun Factory


Body-Safe Silicone

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery



Carrying Case




Remote Control


Smart Phone App







2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

3 reviews for Fun Factory – Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit

  1. Avatar


    I wish I knew about this company before. I have a vibrator and now this set it’s by far my new fav brand!

  2. Avatar


    Super effective set – great for forplay and blowjobs. I wouldnt say it’s the strongest ever but it’s for gentler long lasting style. I would recommend this.

  3. Avatar


    I’m not going to lie it’s a bit awkward holding this in place, but my man goes crazy for it. I’m sure he uses it without me as well. The penis ring is an added bonus it works great as a hand held vibe.

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Fun Factory – Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit


Fun Factory – Blow & Glow Limited Edition Couples Kit