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Lets be honest it’s 2018 and most women have a “Toy Box” and not the kind you share with your kids! With so many products to choose from it’s easy to fill your box or even overfill your box, but what is really necessary? Luxury Vibrators is here to tell you what is a Toy Box Essential and what can be passed by.

Body-Safe Sex Toys

A Guide to Body-Safe Sex Toys

Weather you’re a sex toy enthusiast or looking to make your first purchase, one thing you want to remember is always buy body-safe sex toys! The toys you put on & in your body should be made using premium quality materials so they don’t break down or harbor mold; this will cause immediate discomfort and often long term health issues.

Look for words like ultra premium, medical grade, natural and phthalates free when shopping for sex toys. Materials such as silicone, glass, stainless steel are all good choices assuming you’re getting them form a recognized brand and retailer. A good tip is avoid toys that are made with jelly, rubber and vinyl to name a few.

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Powerful Vibrator

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, single or in a relationship everyone needs a great vibrator! I would recommend a small traveled sized vibe that you can throw in your handbag as well as one with extreme power that stays on your nightstand.

When shopping for a vibrators it’s important to consider where are you going to be using it, in the bath? do you travel? Are you using it alone or with a partner, do you have a roommate or kids, does it need to be quiet?

If you invest in a quality vibrator it will last you years; and the majority of manufactures selling these quality products back them with a warranty (hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s a great peace of mind). Warranty information should be on most Luxury Vibrators product pages, if you cant find what you’re looking for contact us we’re happy to help.

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Lubes and Lotions

One thing you can never have enough of is lubricant! Using it with your sex toys, during masturbation or intercourse it will certainly make for a smoother ride. When buying lubricant be prepared to read the labels, similar to choosing body-safe sex toys you want a natural chemical free lubricant too.

When buying lube to be paired with sex toys make sure you read the package instructions, not all lubricants can be used with all sex toy materials. A good water-based lube is a great choice as it works with all toys.

Have a sensual bubble bath alone or with a friend; bring your favourite waterproof toy and start the fun in the tub. Massage oils and lotions are an inexpensive way to heat things up and are ideal for foreplay.

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Couples Sex Toys

Couples sex toys are not a toy box essential….what really? Not because they’re not worth it, but because any toy can be used with a partner. If you want to buy a couples specific sex toy absolutely go for it; in fact we have many amazing couples toys; but if you’re looking to save some money you can also include your favorite solo toy and have just as much fun.

Nothing adds excitement to your sex life like sex toys! It doesn’t matter if you’re using toys specifically designed for couples or your favorite personal toy but including toys in some way is a must!

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If you’re not planning on leaving your toys lying around for your guests to see investing in a quality storage bag is a great idea. Not only will it keep all your toys in one place so you can find them when you need them, it’s great for travel, and keeps things discreet.

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