Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Scandarella has some great suggestions!

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Are you the type of person who gets glammed up before heading for the intimate lights of a fancy restaurant? Do you prefer to sip champagne and nibble on strawberries (and other things) in the middle of a bubbly jacuzzi in the suite of a luxury hotel room? Or are you like me, the type who stays in the comfort of their own home, cooks their favourite meal, opens a bottle of their favourite beer, then settles down to watch their favourite movie?

Whatever way we choose spend the bulk of the evening, it’s likely that there’s one thing we’ll all do at some point… Aha! You thought I was going to say have sex, didn’t you?! While that probably is something most of us will do on Valentine’s Day, I was talking about giving a gift. Well, I don’t suppose there’s any reason we can’t combine the two.

Flowers, chocolates and cuddly toys are all lovely things to be given (yes, they are, fight me!) but there’s something extra special about being pulled to one side, sharing an intense, quick kiss and having your lover give you a box full of promise. Yes, I do mean a sex toy. If you know what your partner is in to, and if you know that a sex toy would be well received, there are some super giftable options right here on Luxury Vibrators! Read on to discover my faves…

High End Sex Toys and other Valentines Day gift ideas

If you’re gonna give a gift, you want it to look nice, and with some toys the work is already done for you. We-Vibe are pretty much a one-stop-shop for well presented presents no matter what your partner likes. If they’re someone who likes a bit of buzz with their penetration they’ll be delighted if you hand them the Sensations Unite Collection. The PivotVibrating Cock Ring takes care of the penis, while the clitoris and g-spot are looked after by the C-shaped Unite.

Sex blogger tip!

What’s that, there ain’t no vulva in your house? That’s okay, the Unite makes a pretty decent stroker *wink*


Lovers of strong vibrations on the inside as well as out will love the We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection. Consisting of the Tango – arguably the most powerful bullet available to date – and two silicone sleeves, this collection takes the fun wherever you want it. Treat the g-spot to the flat head of the Glow, or the butt to the little rosebud that is the Dusk and let the Tango look after the clitoris.


Sex blogger tip!

Insert the Dusk into the vaginal opening and let the tip of the Tango rest against the clitoris for hands free fun!

High End Sex Toys and other Valentines Day gift ideas

Speaking of the clitoris, the LELO Sona would be an awesome Valentine’s gift for those who love clitoral stimulation. Sleek and swanky, it’s probably the classiest product of all the pressure wave products. While the likes of the Womanizer – whose Starlet would be the perfect pressie for people who travel a lot – uses pulses of air to stimulate, the Sona uses sound waves. For a little added oomph right when it’s needed most, check out the Sona Cruise.

Sex blogger tip!

All sex toys are suitable for use by all genders. Don’t think that you have to have a clit to enjoy the Sona. Nipples are sensitive. The frenulum is sensitive, and so is the perineum. Try all toys everywhere, you never know what might do it for you until you try.

Liberator Sensemax SenseTube Virtual Reality Male Masterbator

I’ve seen a few comments on and around the web from people who seem to think that giving sex toys to penis owners as gifts is strange. Well, I’m here to tell you that this kind a thinking has gotta stop. I know my guy loves to receive sexy things all for his own, and one of his favorites is the Hot Octopuss Pulse III DUO. Cock cuddling silicone that delivers super powered, shuddery pulses directly into the penis, the DUO is a masturbatory dream. If you’re so inclined, you can hop on, too, thanks to the friend-friendly vibrations.

A good gift for the simple type who prefers the feel of a hand wrapped around their shaft is the Jimmy Jane Hello Touch. Strap on the wrist band, loop on the finger pads and transform your own hand into a vibrator that delivers delightful tingles to whichever part of your partner you choose to touch. Okay, it’ll be more to use on them than give to them, but you can always take turns wearing it.


Sex blogger tip!

Make sure you have a blindfold on hand when you use your Hello Touch. Your partner might know the buzz is coming, but not knowing where it’s gonna land will have them squirming.


Those who live for penetration will love the added sizzle a cock ring can bring. Fancy in design, the LELO Pino is a super stylish gift for your huggable hipster! If he prefers something that wraps around back to tickle the perineum (the little mound between butt and balls) the We-Vibe Verge is the one you want.

Virtual Reality sex toys and other Valentines Day gift ideas

If you spend a lot of time apart, a penis owner will appreciate something from SenseMax. The SenseTube Virtual Reality Masturbator and VR Headset is an all-encompassing experience that will occupy the eyes, ears, and mind as well as the penis. Watching them use their new toy is super sexy, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve cared for their needs even while you’re away.

Now, I know y’all are gonna give me funny looks when you read my next recommendation, but I’m not playin’. In my opinion, a swish sheet from Sheets of San Francisco would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. I know, I know, you’re thinking, a sheet? You’re suggesting that I buy my lover bedding for V-Day.

Well, yeah. I am. But it’s not just bedding. It’s fluid proof bedding. You know what that means, don’t you? That champagne you bought? It doesn’t have to go in a glass. The chocolate mousse doesn’t have to stay in a bowl. If you knock the ice bucket over, that’s okay and look…you’re naked and there’s ice. If you think ahead, there could even be bondage candles too. And do you know what’s even better? Almost all of the toys I’ve suggested are waterproof, too.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day sex toy Coupon Code & Gift Ideas

Author – Ella Scandal

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