Vibratex Magic Wand Comparison Guide

What is the difference between the Vibratex Magic Wands?

The first Magic Wand was introduced back in 1968. Yes…over 50 years ago! It soon became the most recognized and bestselling massage wand of all time. Originally, the Hitachi Wand changed its name in the 2000s when Vibratex took over. While most sex toy companies update their bestselling products, Magic Wand has decided not to; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Not much has changed over the last 54 years and that’s why these little powerhouses continue to be the best-selling massage wand of all time. Magic Wand has been named one of the most iconic inventions of the twentieth century and it’s easy to see why.

We have given you a quick overview of each wand, but if you’re looking for a quick answer, have a look at our informative comparison chart below. It will give you a quick summary of the best wand for you.

Why the Magic Wand?

Each wand has a familiar look and feel, and it contains unbelievable power. Starting with the original, back in 1968, the product line has now grown to include a rechargeable, mini and plus-sized versions. All four wands are known for their exceptional quality and legendary power; they are body-safe and backed by a full-year warranty. You can choose among the many wand attachments, but we recommend the authentic Vibratex attachments found here, as they are body-safe and designed specifically to fit the Magic Wand.

You know you’re doing something right when everyone copies you. Google “massage wand” and have a look at the thousands of wands available. The Magic Wand is often mimicked, but never duplicated.

Every product that bears the Magic Wand name features the legendary power that took the world by storm. With slight differences, there is a wand for every want and need. What Magic Wand will you choose? Keep reading the Vibratex Magic Wand Comparison Guide and we’ll help you decide by breaking down the difference between the Vibratex Magic Wands.

Magic Wand Mini - New in 2022!

Compact Yet Powerful

The Magic Wand Mini is the newest member of the Magic Wand family. Hitting store shelves in the Spring of 2022, this smaller version of the original offers all the same features in a portable travel option.

It is a rechargeable wand with three power settings, ranging up to 6000 RPMs. The head is made with body-safe silicone, and the neck is flexible for a comfortable massage. The manufacturer, Vibratex, has designed two silicone attachments for the Mini. They are made with body-safe silicone and are designed for clitoral or G-spot stimulation.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Use it Corded or Cordless

The Magic Wand Rechargeable was made for those wanting to ditch the cord. This extremely powerful wand offers 4 vibration intensities and 4 vibration patterns, ranging up to an amazing 6300 RPMs. It can be used while plugged in or without the cord and will last up to 3 hours on a single charge.

The Rechargeable is the most expensive of all four options. With the additional power setting and higher RPM, this is one powerful massager.

Magic Wand Plus

A bit of an overachiever

The Magic Wand Plus has taken all the best features from the original and improved them. The cord can now be removed for storage; it has an immediate on/off button and variable speeds with 4 intensity levels!

This plug-in massager gives the reliable power you can only get from a plug-in wand. It ranges all the way up to 6,300 RPMs and provides constant, extreme power.

Magic Wand Original

The One That Started it All!

The Magic Wand Original is just that, the first. Although Vibratex has added to the product line, the Original is still a bestseller and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This corded massager has a top speed of 6,000 RPMs, two power levels and a soft vinyl head. We prefer the other Magic Wand options above, as they all have a silicone head. 

Quick Guide


Vibratex Magic Wand Comparison Guide What is the difference between the Vibratex Magic Wands?


 With a plethora of wand attachments to choose from, we recommend purchasing one from the Vibratex manufacturer. They are designed specifically for these wands and are body-safe. If you are purchasing one from another manufacturer, be sure to read the size guide and make sure they are made with body-safe materials. 

Counterfeit Magic Wands

Unfortunately, like many luxury sex toys, the Magic Wand has been replicated fraudulently, and counterfeit versions are sold everywhere. These wands are often sold at a discounted rate to promote a quick sale. They are typically made with harmful materials and are not body-safe.

For more information on the authenticity of the Magic Wand, visit the manufacturer’s website.

 In conclusion, thank you for reading our Vibratex Magic Wand Comparison Guide. I hope we answered your question: What is the difference between the Vibratex Magic Wands? If you’re looking for more details on the Magic Wand brand and more specifically the Magic Wand Mini read Kate Sloans product review. She is a sexpert who has a vast knowledge of the brand. 

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