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How to Choose the Best Model for You

(Updated by Luxury Vibrators 2022)

When the sex toy industry comes up with something new – and I mean truly new – it’s hard to ignore it. You read the reviews. You can’t miss the hype. So many people loving on the latest delight, while others despise it for not working with their bodies. It’s easy to choose whether or not to take a punt when there’s just one model. All you need to do is find a blogger who has similar tastes to you and read their opinions or read the Womanizer Comparison Guide.

But those who are arriving at the Womanizer party a bit late don’t have it that easy. Because, now, there are so many models to choose from. The thing to ask yourself now is, which is right for me?

Well, I will answer that very question in this handy little Womanizer comparison guide!

Firstly, a bit about the Womanizer and how it works.

If you have a clitoris, there’s a good chance you know what I’m talking about when I say that too much intense stimulation can either desensitize, or cause hypersensitivity. Some of us get so far with a powerful vibe and have to reduce, refocus, or even remove stimulation because it becomes too much. Others get frustrated, because their sensitivity is diminished and they just can’t reach the finish line because nothing is working for them.

But the Womanizer is different.

Firstly, it’s not exactly vibration you’re getting from these products. Womanizer have employed what they call, ‘Revolutionary Pleasure Air Technologie®’. By way of pulsing bursts of air, the Womanizer creates a sensation that is part vibration, part suction, part pressure.

Depending on the size of the treatment head you select – either original or XL – the cone shaped silicone doesn’t make full contact with the actual glans clitoris. It surrounds it completely, the use of water-based lubricant creating a seal that doesn’t allow any air in or out. This is what creates the sense of suction, and it can be as mild or as intense (and trust me, it does get way intense!) as you want it to be.

While that suction is pulsing away at your clit, a vibration – which I think is a by-product and not there by design – penetrates deep into the surrounding tissue, thus stimulating the part of the clitoris you don’t see. It’s a horseshoe shape that runs beneath the labia and mons, so the more of it you can manage to stimulate, the more orgasmic potential you have.

All you need to do is place the head over your clit, find that spot (you’ll know yours when you feel it), and use the control buttons to find the perfect intensity for you. You don’t even have to jiggle it, just keep it still and, if it’s going to work for you, it will. Womanizer is a dream for lazy masturbators, and two years after my first ever Womanizer experience, I’m still very much in love with it.

Detailed Womanizer Comparison Chart

In our Womanizer Comparison Guide the latest in the ever-evolving line of Womanizer models is the DUO. If you’re already a fan of Womanizer products you might well recognize it because it’s pretty much identical to the the InsideOut. But only in appearance. This version boasts an upgrade which fans of the Premium are going to love.

Yes, you guessed it. Womanizer have combined the suck‘n’shaft shape of the InsideOut with the fancy functions of the Premium. So not only do you get some lovely, deep vibrations to stimulate your g-spot, not to mention 12 powerful intensities of Pleasure Air Technology to lavish attention on your clitoris, you also get the Smart Silence function.

As with the Premium, the dual-motor DUO contains motion sensors to detect its proximity to your body. Womanizer’s claim that a Smart Silence model has to be in contact with the skin for the vibes/suction to be activated, is a bit of an exaggeration. Closeness is enough to trigger it. Again, as with the Premium, the DUO is quieter so if you need to pause because of an interruption simply pull it away from the body. It’ll stop a second after you do that, so any interlopers are less likely to hear anything incriminating.

Fans of internal patterns can rejoice because, while the InsideOut’s shaft was constant vibes only, the Womanizer DUO’s has ten different modes of pulse and buzz. One of the Premium’s features that wasn’t ported over to the DUO, is Autopilot. So while you do have the option of changing things up internally, your clitoris is limited to varying intensities of constant stimulation.

Dubbed ‘The Little Black Dress’ by its makers, the Womanizer Classic is a sophisticated redesign of the W100. Its body is sleek and simple, its controls nicely spaced and easily accessible due to their placement on the back rather than the front of the unit. They give you access to 10 distinct settings that range from gentle to intense.

It’s tapered shape makes the Womanizer Classic comfortable to hold and its buttons easy to reach. The positioning and shallow depth of the nozzle might be awkward for some at first, especially those with large labia, but it doesn’t take much work to get it positioned correctly. Once it’s there, its light weight allows it to be easily held in place by a pair of knickers, offering up the potential for hands-free play.

Like the InsideOut, it features a charger upgrade, moving from Micro-USB to magnetic. And it’s a fully waterproof model so is suitable for use in the bath or shower. If you want a no-frills Womanizer, this one is for you.

Many people look at the similarities between the Classic and the Premium and wonder how much difference there could be. Well, if the Classic is the basic model, the Womanizer Premium is the all singing, all dancing one.

While the units may look more or less the same, what they deliver couldn’t be more different. Firstly, there are the stimulation levels. Where the Classic 2 has 10, the Premium 2 boasts 14. They start at a gentler intensity than the Classic and build to a much more powerful top setting. Then you have the Premium’s two fancy new features…

Every time you press the ON button of a Womanizer toy the Revolutionary Pleasure Air Technologie  starts to sing its rather loud song. If you happen to break the seal around the clitoris during play you get a blast of sound, too. But not with the Womanizer Premium.

That’s down to the Smart Silence feature.

The business end of the Premium is fitted with sensors which detect how close they are to a warm body. Once switched on the toy will be on standby until its body comes into contact with or gets very close to yours. This does mean than if you accidentally break the seal you might still get a noisy surprise, but not as bad as you will with older models as this one is quieter. But if you need to kill the stimulation fast you don’t need to hunt for buttons, all you have to do is pull the toy away from your body.

The other exciting feature is the introduction of patterns. Yes, the Womanizer Premium has a feature called Autopilot.

Switching this on turns your toy into a surprise a second, who knows what it’ll do next, random pattern generator! Well, it’s random to an extent. With the click of a button you can choose your maximum intensity range (either 1-4, 1-8, or 1-12) and the Premium will randomly chop and change. Sometimes getting stronger, sometimes weaker. Slowly but surely, it increases in power over a period of time, taking you on a rollercoaster ride from soft teasing to hard stimulation.

Womanizer takes it to the next level with the Premium Eco. It has the same amazing features at the Premium, but is now better for the earth. Womanizer has reduced as much plastic as possible and made a toy that is good for the planet. It has 12 intensity levels is rechargeable and splashproof. The ideal Womanizer for the environmentally-minded.

A newer addition to the Womanizer family is the Starlet, and when they say it’s ‘mini’ they’re not joking around. It’s a palm sized version of the Pro40 measuring up at just 3.5” in total length and 1.5” in width. As with most of the models it follows the same in-ear thermometer design as the original. Colour options for the Starlet 3 are Turquoise, Pink, Indigo, Violet and Gray. Each colour has a treatment head to match so immediately on opening the box you’re treated to something different.

But don’t let the Starlet’s petite, colourful body fool you.

Even though some of the features have been pared down to better enable it to become so tiny, it still packs a punch. Gone is the multi-button control interface with just a single do-it-all button taking its place. That means there’s no way to backtrack if you accidentally up the intensity too soon, and it also means that there is no ‘tap back to start’ feature, either.

What you do get, though, are six intensities that lie somewhere in the middle of the larger models’ scale. A couple have been shaved off the lower end, making it start on a slightly stronger setting, and the top two speeds of the full-sized Womanizer have also been abandoned. Many people report that they don’t ever get a chance to reach those dizzying heights of stimulation because their climax happens so fast, so I can’t see folks lamenting their loss en masse.

As mentioned above, if you travel regularly and want a truly discreet Pleasure Air toy that you can stash in the corner of your suitcase, the Starlet is perfect. It’s also good for people who get crampy hands from holding larger toys, and also for those who like to play hands free. Just rub a little lube around the XL treatment head (which is the only head provided with the unit), pop it beneath your knickers and it’s so lightweight and comfy fitting the fabric should be enough to hold it in place. It works for me every time, and that leaves my hands free to do other things.

InsideOut (Discontinued)

Womanizer Inside Out Vibrator
Womanizer Inside Out Vibrator
Womanizer Inside Out Vibrator

Upgraded to the Duo – As wonderful as Womanizer’s Revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology , some of us still require internal stimulation if we’re to get the best from our play. Some of us simply adore the intensity of the blended orgasm. But using one hand for thrusting while trying to keep a Womanizer firmly sealed over the clitoris can prove to be rather awkward. One accidental tug or nudge and all that lovely orgasmic build-up can be lost.

If this sounds like a scenario that’s familiar to you, the Womanizer InsideOut might well be the perfect solution. It’s the first Womanizer to be fitted with its very own vibrating arm so you can get the best of internal and external stimulation using just one hand.

That vibrating arm is super slender at just 3.25” in circumference. It’s bold curve tucks around the pubic bone, taking the tip straight to the G-Spot region. And because it’s situated in the tip of the toy’s body rather than on its side, the InsideOut’s nozzle nestles directly over the clitoris. Some might find that they have to have a bit of a jiggle to get the fit exactly right, because there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ sex toy, but the flexibility of the shaft makes getting comfy easily achievable.

Even though the power source is split between vibration and air pulse the Womanizer InsideOut has seen no sacrifice of power. You still get 12 levels of clitoral stimulation, from whisper soft to almost shockingly intense. And you also get 12 levels of vibration, too. It’s not the most powerful vibrator you’re ever likely to meet, but there’s enough oomph in the higher settings to feed even the hungriest of G-Spots. Although still included in the Womanizer Comparison Guide it’s discontinued.

W500 Pro  (Discontinued)

Womanizer Pro W500 Magenta
Womanizer Pro W500 Red
Womanizer Pro W500 White

By far the prettiest incarnation in the Womanizer Comparison Guide, the W500 Pro is a souped-up mini version of the range. I’ll be honest and tell you that, sensation wise, everything is the same. The sucking, pulsing, rumbles are still there.

But not only do you get a 4.75” x 2.75 x 3” palm-sized pebble, but you also get far superior designs. Replacing the plain ON/OFF, back to the start button of the W100 is a Swarovski Elements crystal, and instead of a one-way function button, it’s now a two-way. So, you can tailor your play to whatever suits you. If you go a click too far, click back.

And it’s not just the design that has improved. The Womanizer W500 Pro is more powerful. Yep, this one has twelve intensities, ranging from super gentle to super strong. So, those who want something to gently rock their clit to orgasm can rejoice. As can those who want something to smack their clit to orgasm. The W500 Pro might be smaller, but it’s aggressively powerful!

Plus Size (Discontinued)

Womanizer Plus white with gold, Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella
Womanizer Plus white with gold
Womanizer Plus white with gold

Now, Womanizer made a bit of a song and dance about this model. Initially, it was marketed as a Womanizer for plus-sized bodies. But later on, they backtracked after receiving some static about the lack of plus-sized bodies in their advertising campaign. But, whether it was or wasn’t designed with the fuller body in mind, it works perfectly with large labia and big clits. If that’s you (like it’s me), this Womanizer could be the one for you.

It’s not discreet, though!


From end to end, it measures 9”. At its widest, it’s 2.5”, and from the back of the unit to the opening of the treatment head, it’s a whopping 3.5”. That might seem huge, and it kinda is, but what it does brilliantly is nestle between thick labia. From there, the body bows out, and curves back in to skim the mons.

That eliminates the issue of breaking the seal around the clit that I’ve found in the W100 & Pro40. I heard a suggestion that the length might make it harder to put pressure where it’s needed, but it isn’t. It makes it easier to curl it toward the body without having to knuckle your own vulva. And it’s still as light as any other model, so keeping a grip shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The buttons could be better placed, though. The ON/OFF is near the head, thus making back to start a bit tricky. I do like having the plus and minus buttons right at the tip of the handle, though. And it’s supposedly waterproof, though the build quality makes me question the accuracy of that.

2Go (Discontinued)

Womanizer 2Go Green:Pink, Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella
Womanizer 2Go Chic Nights Black, Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella
Womanizer 2 go white satin, Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella

One of the most recent Womanizer model is the 2Go. All the others have been based on the same in-ear thermometer style as the original, but the 2Go breaks the mould. It’s supposed to be a discreet travel model. Something you can throw in your suitcase or handbag so you have orgasms on tap, wherever you may be. For that purpose, it was modelled on a tube of lipstick. I can hear kitsch lovers everywhere screaming with delight.

I wouldn’t get too excited just yet, though. As cute as it is, the Womanizer 2Go isn’t discreet. I mean, how many 5” x 1.5” x 1.5” lipstick tubes with a lippy that has a 3.25” circumference have you seen? I’ve seen…umm, none.

No, it’s not at all what it’s marketed to be, and it isn’t as good as any of the other models, either.

The square body and angle of the treatment head make it a very clumsy thing to use, for a start. If you have a clitoris with a side preference, you may see potential for direct pressure. I’m a righty, and I aimed for exactly that. I found it really awkward to figure out which way the point was facing, and my fingers ended up cramping because I was forever spinning it, looking for just the right spot.

If that’s not enough to give you pause, there’s been a lot of downsizing when it comes to functions. We’re in a one button does all situation with this one. Situated in the base, the single button gives you access to six intensities. Yep, you get exactly the same as you get with the W100 (scroll down in the Womanizer Comparison Guide to learn about the W100). There’s no back to start function, no up and down buttons. It’s basic, but I guess if you’re travelling with it, that’s what you want.

Pro40 (Discontinued)

Womanizer PRO 40 Touchless Vibrator
Womanizer PRO 40 Touchless Vibrator
Womanizer PRO 40 Touchless Vibrator

Finally, a Womanizer for those who like to play in the bath! Taking things back to similar proportions as the W100, the Pro40 measures up at 6.5” x 2” x 2.5”. It’s more streamlined, though, with tapered ends that are easy on the hands and labia. The top of this one feels much more in sync with the contours of the top of the labia and the area around the clit.

But, there’s always a sacrifice, and what you gain in being able to take it in the bath, you lose in power. This version only has ten intensities, and from what I can tell, it’s the top two that are gone. The super soft option is still there, though, so that’ll be a bonus for some. Something else that has stuck around with the W100 and the Womanizer Comparison Guide is the plus & minus buttons, and the back to start feature.

W100 (Discontinued)

Womanizer W100
Womanizer W100
Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella

This version of the Womanizer was the first. It is the only model to come in a hard storage case; all the others come with satin bags. Everything bar the silicone head is made from ABS plastic, and its super light. The chunky handle (2” x 1.5”) and overall 6.5” length makes it great for holding onto, but the straight design of the body can clash with large labia, thus potentially interfering with the seal around the clitoris.

The intensity range is limited, with just six to choose from. As they start at moderate and go up to intense, anyone who wants very mild stimulation might find that even the lowest is too much. Read the Womanizer Comparison Guide to learn about the most recent Womanizer models.

The back to start ON/OFF button is a favorite feature of mine, as I find I can ride out my orgasms for longer if I can quickly reduce (but not stop) stimulation. However, the function button only goes one way, so if you prefer to edge by increasing and decreasing your toys’ power, you need a different model. Same goes for water-babies; this model isn’t waterproof, so check out the others if that’s a deal breaker for you. Regarding the Comparison Guide this was one of the first Womanizers for our Comparison Guide.

Author – Ella Scandal

Thank you to Ella Scandal from “Scandarella” for the detailed look with the Womanizer Comparison Guide! To learn more about Scandarella, read her reviews or erotica, click here or visit her website at www.Scandarella.com

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